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T.H. Waters Author Interview with a contest

Hey Everyone,
I would like to introduce you to the author of Ghellow Road, T.H. Waters.  She is July's hometown track Minnesota author in the spotlight.  This is a very insightful interview with a very strong woman.  Read On!

1.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Minnesota.  I love it here.  Whenever I travel, I get homesick.  I live in Minneapolis with my significant other and two fur-balls – love all three of them to pieces.  Which one is my favorite?  Depends on the day.  Though far from perfect, I try to make the world a better place in my own way.  I volunteer with many animal rescue organizations and have also been a Girl Scout leader.  I am addicted to all forms of art… music, movies, books, architecture, paintings & drawings, and or course, nature itself, which I consider to be art at its purest.  I love being active and often immerse myself in running, biking and yoga several times a week.  My idols (so far) are: Leonardo da Vinci, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Goodall, Doris Day, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter, Dr. Neal Barnard, Wayne Pacelle and all the everyday saints who give to causes greater than themselves.  I believe a hero lives within us all.

2.  What is the inspiration behind your book, Ghellow Road? 

I wanted to challenge myself to step beyond the boundaries of my own skin in an attempt to do something profound.

3.  What does the title "Ghellow Road" mean?

“Ghellow” is my personal twist on the word gelatin, a substance, if transformed into a road, would create one that was unsteady and difficult to travel.

4.  Why did you decide to share your personal story with the public?  Have you run into any family objections or were they very supportive and helpful?

When I first decided to write “Ghellow Road”, I was struggling to come up with a topic & plot.  My significant other encouraged me to write about my own personal experiences… “Write what you know”.  That really resonated with me.

All members of my immediate family have passed away as well as many from my extended family.  Those who remain don’t know that I’ve published “Ghellow Road”.  To be honest, I’m not sure if they would object to my book or not.  Because they haven’t remained in contact with me for many years, inviting them to become part of this chapter in my life felt unnatural to me.

5.  Do you plan to write a second book to continue your story?  I sure want to read what happens next in case you are wondering.
Your encouragement to continue my story is a huge compliment – thank you so much, Laura!  I’m considering writing a sequel but must admit that I’m on a much-needed break. I loved writing my book more than anything else I’ve ever done, but it was emotionally draining.  I’m currently letting my thoughts “brew” in the old think-tank.  Am hoping to have a sequel within the next few years. 

6.  Are you a reader?  What books and authors influence you?

Oh yes… I adore reading.  Some of my favorite books are:  Flowers for Algernon, Catcher in the Rye, Memoirs of a Geisha, Girlfriend in a Coma and Ender’s Game.  I admire any author, or any artist for that matter, who pushes and surpasses boundaries – that is the essence of true art.  To be honest, although there are many brilliant storytellers, none have specifically influenced my writing.  I believe inspiration should come from many sources.  When writing “Ghellow Road”, I strove to be as unique as possible and wouldn’t allow myself to read any books at all, except for mind candy such as Dan Brown’s thrillers, biographies and non-fiction science books (I love science!).  I didn’t want anyone else’s thoughts or style to inadvertently seep into my writing.

7. How were you able to gather the information required for writing your book?  Did you find that your memory plays tricks on you or that other people remember the same event differently?

I filled two writing journals full of memories – hand wrote them all before I ever touched my computer.  I also re-visited many of the places I wrote about and tried to open my mind to nothing but my senses, allowing the past to flood back.  Did my memory play tricks?  Hmmmm…. Really good question.  I haven’t yet compared notes with anyone.  Not a single person in my book knows it exists, not even my childhood best friend.  Perhaps a reader’s poll is in order to see if I should give her a copy of my book or not.

8.  Can you describe what Schizophrenia is?

Oh my goodness, this is such a fascinating question, Laura, and one that I’ve never before put into words.  I believe it to be a state of existence when a person’s mind is held hostage against one’s will, preventing full birth into this world.  In the case of my own mother, she was earthly, to be sure, yet her feet were far from firmly planted.  She belonged to something else, somewhere else.

9.  Do you have any advice for people who have grown up under the stigma of mental illness?

Ahhhh.  Another great question.  For those of us who share this fate, it is difficult to shine at times.  When I was growing up, I was so ashamed of my circumstances.  Now I look back and ask why?.  I know now that what happened wasn’t my fault.  It was never anyone’s fault.  But, the truth of the matter is that a stigma will always be associated with mental illness, whether you’re the person who has been dealt such a devastating blow or just an unfortunate bystander who has to watch your loved one suffer.  In my experience, there will always be those who will hold your past against you, no question, but there will also be plenty of kind & good people who will cheer for your every accomplishment.  The key is in knowing who deserves your allegiance.   

Do you encourage others to write their stories down? Do you have any great suggestions for people who want to do this?

Oh yes – absolutely!  I firmly believe each and every person has words of value to share with us all.  Often times, those among us who seem the most ordinary are the ones who have the most extraordinary insight.

First, honor your inner voice.  You are unique and deserve to be heard.  If you let your writing be influenced by all forms of art and not just that of other authors who’ve come before you, a beautiful butterfly that is yours, and yours alone, will emerge.

Secondly, observation is your greatest ally.  Strive to be the best observer you can be, not only of others and all that surrounds you, but also of yourself. 

11.  In one sentence, tell us why we should read Ghellow Road?

My book is an earnest attempt to make a positive impact on another person’s life.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Laura, from the bottom of my heart for all of your amazing support.  I truly don’t know where I’d be as an author if it weren’t for people like you & I am extremely grateful.  Big Hugs to you !!  Tera aka T.H. Waters

Thanks Tera!!!!

If you would like to win a copy of Water,s book Ghellow Road please click the link:
Ghellow Road Contest

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