Thursday, April 2, 2020

Poem in my post: The First Three Stanzas of My Body by Laura Kozy Lanik

Poem in my post: My Body by Laura Kozy Lanik

Happy National Poetry Month to everyone!
Since most of us are working from home and I find myself with a little extra time because I am forced to stay home like everyone else, I am trying to write a poem a day this month. I want to share some of my poetry with you. I've been sharing most of my poetry on Instagram. You can follow me @booksnob24  I love to share my photography from my travels as well on Instagram.

This is the first stanza is my poem called My Body. When you are an abuse survivor, you have body issues. All my life I’ve struggled to love my body. 

This is the second stanza from my poem, My Body. Because of the repeated trauma of sexual abuse, I tend to deform my relationships. Abuse really messed me up and I have a really hard time trusting people. 

The third stanza from my poem, My Body.  It's amazing how much anger lies just beneath the surface of abuse survivors. I sometimes find myself feeling angry just because. I find that it is hard to laugh and that I am always serious.  I am always dealing with and healing from the serious shit that happened to me when I was a kid.

This poem and many others can be found in my book Upon Waking. 58 Voices Speaking Out From the Shadow of Abuse.

You can purchase the book here:  League of MN poets

All proceeds are donated to women's shelters. We receive no profits from the book. Help support survivors.

Thank you for reading!