Saturday, December 29, 2018

Remarkable Creatures

Remarkable CreaturesRemarkable Creatures
by Tracy Chevalier

Tracy Chevalier is one of my favorite authors. Remarkable Creatures starts off slow and told in alternating narrators it quickly picks up as the characters search to find new fossil specimens. Based on the real lives of two female fossil hunters in the 1800's, Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot and the men come around looking to profit off of their hard work. I had never heard of these two women until I read this book. These two women are as remarkable as the dinosaurs they find along the beach. Definitely worth the read.

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My dog, Titus died in May 2017 and I quit writing my blog, as grief consumed me.  I feel like I am healing and I have been watching other peoples dogs for my side hustle.  The dog viewed with Remarkable Creatures book is named Fitz.

So I'm thinking maybe I will revive Booksnob and let my blog evolve into more than a book blog.

Other books I've read and loved by Tracy Chevalier-

I hope 2019 is better than 2018.
Happy New Year!