Sunday, November 17, 2019

Poem in My Post: Handmade Rugs by Laura Kozy Lanik

Poem in My Post: Handmade Rugs by Laura Kozy Lanik

Hello, my friends,
One of my poems was made into a sign in Mankato, Minnesota. It is a part of the Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride. There are lots of beautiful poems on this walk or bike ride and mine was recently included. I've heard its actually located in a dog park and the whole world knows how much I love dogs so I'm thrilled that is where my poem currently lives. It will be a part of this installation for two years.

I love making rugs. I've made a few rag rugs and I mostly use torn bedsheets and I use a stitching technique called Nalbinding. The first rug I ever made is the one pictured below. And the first poem I've written about making rugs is featured here today.

Handmade Rugs
By Laura Kozy Lanik

Constructing a rug
out of love, memories,
old stained clothes
and torn sheets tangled in time, 
like broken promises.
Memories weave through
strips of cloth, knotted,
pulled from a junk drawer 
of insecurity and despair,
wrapped around weathered hands.
Made into a work of art 
so beautiful 
it’s used
to wipe your dirty shoes.