The Pulitzer Prize Challenge 2012

The Pulitzer Prize Challenge.  So far I have read 4 books and my goal is to read 12.  Here are my book reviews thus far.

January- Tinkers by Paul Harding
February- March by Geraldine Brooks
March- A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan
April-To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee 

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year.  In 2012 I am hosting The Pulitzer Prize Challenge for the first time. There are several genres of books that have won the Pulitzer dating back as far as 1917 and as long as I can remember I have been wanting to read ALL the books in the fiction category.  Although I do like to read some of the winners from other categories as well. I never seem to advance far in my goal because there are so many great books out there, so to encourage and challenge myself to reach this goal, I decided to host the challenge.  I hope you will join me.
Below are the categories or genres with a link to the list of winners.

Biography or Autobiography
General Nonfiction

There will be 3 levels to attain.
Gold Medal:  Read 12 Pulitzer Prize winning books from any genre equaling 1 book per month.
Silver Medal:  Read 6 Pulitzer Prize winning books from any genre. This equals 1 book every other month.
Bronze Medal:  Read 4 Pulitzer Prize winning books from any genre.  This equals 1 book per season or quarter.
I am hoping to achieve the Gold Medal level.

Rules:  Anyone can participate, you do not need to have a blog.
Create an intro post, choose your Medal level and sign up.
To join in, sign up with Mr. Linky below.  If you aren't a blogger, just add a comment.  You may also twitter and facebook about the challenge.
To use Mr. Linky: put your name or your blog's name in the top box and the URL (web address) of your blog in the bottom box. If you don't have a blog, use your Twitter account, your Facebook page or simply mention your intent to join the challenge in the comments.

I have created a new page on my blog where you can add your book reviews in Mr. Linky or comments on your progress on the challenge. 

You are free to join this challenge at any time in 2012.
Thanks for participating!!