Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Poetry Postcard Subscription

                             Poetry Postcard Subscription

I have created a Poetry Postcard Subscription where you will receive a postcard in the mail with a poem on the front and a handwritten message from me on the back. You will get a different card and empowering message each month. I may even create an artistic postcard with a poem on it for fun. This is a labor of love. I hope you like a happy mailbox!

How to sign up:  

Go to:                    


3 dollars a month for U.S. addresses

4 dollars a month for International addresses.  (postage is 1.20)

If you want access to more of my poetry and other insider information then you would want to become a member for 5 dollars a month.

It's Free to become a follower and get my free content.

I will be mainly using this Buy me a coffee site as my poetry blog until I get a new webpage up and running.

Thanks for all your support during my 100-day project journey.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Day 100 of The 100 Day Poetry Project

Day 100 of The 100 Day Poetry Project

It's day 100! I did it!

I'm so proud of myself for taking on this challenge. I have learned a lot about myself and have grown as a writer because of this challenge. Some days I knew what to write about and other days I had no idea and had to trust the process. I had to let go of perfection (because otherwise, I would think these poems would not good enough) and be vulnerable and take risks. I had to trust myself and all of you too. Trust is hard for me.

Today's poem I think reflects my future and it's true I'm in love with not knowing things and discovery. I have a fear of the unknown as well so I'm simultaneously in love with not knowing and afraid of the unknown.

I'm not sure where my trial leads but I know I need to get ready to dance.

Thanks, everyone for reading my poems and going on this journey with me.

I'm going to continue posting daily poems to my membership and supporter levels on .  Follow me there.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Day 99 of The 100 Day Poetry Project

 Day 99 of The 100 Day Poetry Project

My brother is a sleepwalker and one time when he was a kid he stepped on his fishing lure and it got stuck in his foot in the middle of the night. I imagine he was fishing in his dream.

I think we are all fishing in our dreams for ideas to catch and grow. We just need to reel them in and give them life. So tonight when you sleep, go fishing. Be careful and don't stop on the hook.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Day 98 of The 100 Day Poetry Project

 Day 98 of The 100 Day Poetry Project

Today there were hundreds of dragonflies swirling in the wind. It was amazing. I stood out there as they flew around me and it was awesome. My in-laws had Eucharist at home today and watched Mass on the television as they are too sick to attend church. It was emotional so I went outside and imagined the dragonflies as prayers flying up.