Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tate Hallaway Booklist

Hometown Track Minnesota Author in the Spotlight:  Tate Hallaway.  Tate is a resident of Saint Paul, MN and has published 6 books under her pen name and 5 books under her real name of Lyda Morehouse.  All the information I am providing about Tate's books comes from her website.  Please check it out here.  I will list the books in the order Tate has them on her website.
 A.  Almost to Die For:  Check out my review and enter the contest by midnight on Sept. 30th, 2010
  This is Tate's first young adult novel and it takes place in Saint Paul.  It is about a 16 year old who is half vampire, half witch and it searching for her identity.

B.  Honeymoon of the Dead:  Takes place in Minneapolis, MN.  The female lead marries her vampire husband and expects a great honeymoon in Transylvania but doesn't get what she asks for.  She begins to see gods and goddesses all over Minneapolis because she is possessed. 
C.  Dead if I do:  Here is where the heroine, Garnet Lacey, of the novel falls in love with her vampire husband to be.  She plans and executes her wedding with a few pitfalls along the way.

D.  Romancing the Dead:  Garnet Lacey is a witch who is being chased by the Vatican Witch hunters.  The vampire she loves has just proposed and things are going pretty well until he disappears and she figures out that someone is trying to kill her.
E.  Dead Sexy:  Garnet has a lot going on in this novel.  She runs a bookstore and pesky zombies keep popping up everywhere as well as a cute FBI agent is following  her.  Is she trying too hard whilst concocting a love spell and will her new boyfriend find out that she is storing her ex boyfriend's coffin in the basement?  Only the reader knows the answers.
F.  Tall, Dark and Dead:  Definitely my favorite book cover of all the books listed.  Garnet is a witch and the Vatican Assassins are in Minneapolis looking for her.  She must leave town and so she moves to Wisconsin and opens a bookstore specializing in the Occult and in walks someone who is Tall, Dark and Dead.

Let me know if you have read any of these titles.  All the books hold the common theme of witches and vampires.  I have personally only read her latest book:  Almost to Die For, but I am intrigued by the covers and their locations so I may be reading one of Garnet Lacey books soon.