Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

How do you define the meaning of life?

One month before his 13th birthday, Jeremy Fink receives a mysterious engraved box in the mail.  The box was created by his father(who died when Jeremy was 8), and it holds the meaning of life.  The only problem is that the keys are missing and they only have one month to find them before Jeremy's birthday. 

So Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy, set off on a adventure quest to locate the keys and along the way encounter people who are willing to impart their wisdom on life.  What ensues is an endearing journey of love and discovery. 

Turning 13 is a rite of passage for most kids as they turn from child to teenager.  It should be celebrated and I love the author's idea of creating a box and enclosing the meaning of life.  So much so that I am creating a time capsule type box for my son and daughter when they turn 13.  I really want to create a personal quest for them as a rite of passage.  Any ideas??  My son turns 13 in May, 2011.  I am definitely putting this book in his box. 

What is the meaning of life?  My answer to that question is complicated but I mainly feel that life is about the journey and experiences you have along the way.  You can't learn and grow as a person if you don't encounter new things and change the route of your journey from time to time.  Be open to new experiences even if it scares you.

I love books that inspire me to action and change my life.  This book has changed my life and will even affect the lives of my children with their future time capsule boxes and rite of passage quests that I create.  I am super excited about this project and hope my kids will love it.  Are there books out there that have inspired you to make a change in your life?  I want to know.

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life is being made into a movie to be released in 2011.