Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Accidental Adult

The Accidental Adult by Colin Sokolowski

The Accidental Adult is humorous book that will change your perceptions of adulthood.   The definition of an Accidental Adult is an individual whose age indicates maturity but whose approach to life suggests otherwise (pg. 2). The exact opposite is an intentional or assimilated adult which is defined as one who embraces the responsibilities of adulthood without fearing the inevitable loss of a joyous, youthful soul (pg. 3).

The Accidental Adult book is 12 chapters long and is perfect for reading one chapter a day so those posing as adults can actually finish the book in a little under two weeks.  The book covers such topics as work, music, athletics, parenting and transportation.  It is laugh out loud funny with humorous quotes, a survival guide and advice on how to remain under the radar of intentional adults. 

As a forty something hot mama, well that is my accidental adult persona talking, I really related to a lot of the book but then I realized that man I am in serious trouble because not only am I an accidental adult but I married one and we are trying to maintain a home, raise two children and both work full time.  At least my husband will read directions when putting something together as I will wing it and still be putting dohickey, thingamajobbers together hours later.  We all have our talents I guess.

Do you ever wake up and wonder how you got to where you are in your life?  Was it accidental, hard work or a little bit of both?  Do you think you may be an Accidental Adult?  You can take the quiz at

I get the impression that mainly men are accidental adults but I know there are book loving women out there who would rather drive a motorcycle than a station wagon, ones who prefer to read a book, than do yard work, or ones who were picked last for every sports team in gym and could care less that the Green Bay Packers are in the Superbowl.   If this is the case, you need to read this book for the simple reason that you will laugh out loud and be able to hide out in the bathroom for twenty minutes reading a chapter while your kids are screaming and yelling in the other room that so and so took the remote and won't give it back.  You need this book!

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