Sunday, August 1, 2010


Athena. Grey-Eyed Goddess by George O'Connor

O'Connor is an excellent graphic novelist. His books about Greek myths and legends are entertaining, artistic and Athena is no exception. His first book in this series, Zeus, I reviewed earlier, was superb. Athena is the second book in the Olympian series. The third book Hera is due out in September but don't quote me on it and according to his blog Olympians Rule! he is currently writing the fourth book, Hades. I sincerely hope he writes more than four books in the Olympian series.

The three Fates narrate and weave Athena's story throughout the novel. Within the book are five of Athena's adventures that led to her current image as female warrior and goddess. Some you may of heard of like the tale of Arachne or Medusa but other tales are included that you may not have known.

Some of the features of the book that I really enjoy is the Olympian Family Tree at the beginning of each book, I tend to refer to it often. I love, love, love the artwork, it is just beautiful. I really like that the author includes a note at the back of the book, discussion questions and highlights specific gods and goddesses featured in the book as well as tells the reader where to find more books on the subject. You have to see it to believe it. I wish all authors included extras like this in their books.

My family and I are lovers of Greece. I teach a unit on Greek history, have visited Greece and we are all immersed in the Rick Riordan series The Lightning Thief. We are currently reading the second book. The Olympians Rule series is a great companion read to these books. I bought this book for my son's twelfth birthday and he devoured it immediately. Where will this book go? Back on my son's bookshelf.


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