Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Moon

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

It was a rainy summer day when I began reading New Moon. The Eclipse was soon to be released and the world has gone mad in anticipation for either Team Edward or Team Jacob. I tried to jump on the band wagon this time but Bella’s whining and crying began to get on my nerves. When will this story ever end, I said, but alas all things, good or bad must end unless you are really a vampire and so the book ends but not the story.

Here is some advice for my dear Bella and other vampire love stricken girls, men are not responsible for your happiness, you are. If you get depressed, get help! If he leaves you, move on! Your life and your happiness are so important.

New Moon is the second book in the Twilight series and things were reading pretty well for me but somewhere along the way, I just started getting annoyed that Bella kept carrying on about the same thing over and over, like I am doing in this post. My book snobbishness is starting to show. UGH! The Eclipse of the New Moon must be better.

I started reading these books in the last six months because of the cultural phenomena they are becoming. I originally received all four of these books from the publisher and I read the back of the books and thought, this high school vampire stuff isn’t for me and so I donated them to the library at the high school I teach at. Little did I know that they would be so popular and stolen from the library. My own children knew more about the stories than I did just from riding the bus to school and back. So I knew I had to read them. I really hope the story picks up in book three.


  1. I read the first three books in the series a couple months ago. I enjoyed them but didn't think it was anything to write home about. I'm planning on reading the final book in the series soon but needed a break after 3 in a row. I'm also looking forward to the Eclipse movie :)

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  3. Kathryn said...

    I found that these books were much more tolerable if I looked at them from a 14 or 15 year old girl's point of view. If you take things too literally or if you try to understand things logically you wont enjoy them. I will tell you this though... it ALL comes together. Which is nice.

  4. found you on the hop. i completely agree with you on twilight. and it's not just the fact that they're written for high schoolers and are about vampires. vampire academy is one of my favorite series of all times. but you're right, bella is weak and whiny, not to mention booooring. i don't see why edward likes her. still, i suffered thru all four books (i think i skipped the middle half of the last one, but whatever) - because of the phenomenon. i kept hoping it would get better...but alas.