Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moby Dick Reading Challenge

It's official, I am starting to read Moby Dick on Tuesday June 15th, 2010. I sincerely hope you can read along with me. My plan is to read 100 pages in a week, with my week beginning on Tuesdays. On the following Monday is when I will blog about the chapters read. It should take approximately six weeks to finish the book. I warn you there may be spoilers in my weekly Moby blog. If you plan to participate please leave me a comment and promote it on your blog if you write one.
I am looking forward to completing this Great American Novel and then ordering my new Moby Dick T-shirt.


  1. It's on my list so I guess now is as good a time as any to read it so I'm in!

  2. I read Moby Dick last summer and it's really fantastic. I hope you enjoy it- though I will warn you, the parts about whale anatomy can seem a little long-winded. Enjoy!

  3. I would love to join!! I will pick up my book today!!