Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Roots by Alex Haley. Week #7 of the summer Read-A-Long

Roots by Alex Haley.
Read-A-Long Week #7

Pages Read:  602 - 702
Chapters Read: 90 - 101

Note:  I am reading ROOTS in honor of my former student Quincy Blue who was recently found murdered, his body burned beyond recognition, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

Kizzy's son George acquires a nickname, Chicken George and Haley refers to him with this nickname continually throughout the pages of the book.  Chicken George is a natural at cockfighting and loves his chickens, hence the name Chicken George.  He is also a tomcat and runs around on different plantations with women, until he meets Mathilda.  Mathilda is a religious woman and won't let him touch her and it gets Chicken George to thinking that he wants to marry her.  So the two jump the broom and Mathilda comes to live on Massa Lea's plantations.

Mathilda is one amazing woman.  First of all she puts up with Chicken George and all his antics, including drinking and carousing.  She forms a strong and special bond with her mother in law, Kizzy and she bears George 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls.  The kids are Virgil, Ashton, Tom, George, James, Lewis, Kizzy and Mary. 

During this time Uncle Mingo dies and leaves Chicken George alone at the chicken coops and this gives him plenty of time to think.  He begins to think how maybe he would like to be a free man.  Mathilda and George create a plan to save up enough money to pay for the whole families freedom.  In total they figure it would cost them about $7000 dollars to free the whole family including Kizzy.  They realize the value the White man has placed on slave labor.

With only 200 pages left I can't wait to find out what happens next.  I really miss Kunta and Bell and assumed they have passed on by now. 

The year is 1836
Location:  North Carolina
Kunta is about 86 if he is still alive.
Kizzy is over 55
Chicken George is about 33

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