Monday, August 22, 2011

The Outlander by Gil Adamson

The Outlander by Gil Adamson

Historical fiction meets the wild west in this emotional, heart pounding, run away novel.  The 19 year old Widow has killed her husband and is being chased by her two brothers-in-law into the wilderness. She has dogs on her heels, is wearing a long black mourning dress and is definitely guilty.  She succeeds in avoiding her captors for a time and capturing the heart of those reading her story.

The year is 1903. As the story journeys along you meet a cast of interesting characters straight out of a circus.  You will meet the bird lady, the Ridgerunner, the Reverend, the dwarf, the giant and you won't learn the widow's name until 100 pages or so into the story. The Outlander according to the dictionary is a stranger or a foreigner and it is up to the reader to determine which character is The Outlander. 

Adamson is a creative, descriptive writer and The Outlander is her first novel.   The Outlander reminded me of other great Western flavored books and films like True Grit and All the Pretty Horses.  The landscape of the novel is mountainous, brutal, unforgivable and picturesque.  The widow is may just become one of my favorite female characters in literature.  Her transformation is mesmerizing, her desperate journey unforgettable. 

Run, I dare you.
Hide and I'll find you.

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