Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crazy by Han Nolan

Crazy by  Han Nolan

Hi, my name is Jason.  I don't talk much and I don't have any friends, except the friends in my head.  Hey, you could be my friend?  Just read along and listen if you want to.  My mom died recently and left me with my Dad who is super sick and mentally ill.  It is really hard living with him but he is all I got.  I love him even though he thinks I am Jason of the Argonauts and there is no food in my house.  I am really worried about my Dad.

I hear voices sometimes, maybe I'm crazy.  I guess you will have to decide that.  My life is sort of falling apart and I am trying to hold it together.  I am having some bad dreams and I guess I just really need you to read this book so you can help me sort through my problems.  The voices are vibrating in my head....

Crazy Glue:  In my opinion Jason is Crazy like me.  He is really boring, and a troublemaker.  The best thing about this book is me, not Jason.

Sexy Lady:  Jason is hot and this book is hot!  You need to read Crazy because this book will blow your mind!

Aunt Bee:  Jason is such a sweet nice boy.  He needs to find a really nice girl to be his friend.  He has potential you know, and this book Crazy is probably the best book you will read this year.

FBG with a Mustache:  Jason's dad is really Crazy and he just needs a little help.  Do you think you could be there for him and read to the very last page?  Well, go get Crazy then.

Laugh Track: Laughter.

BookSnob:  Crazy is the first book I have read by Han Nolan and she has just amazed me.  I read this book in one day and felt my emotions being pulled and pushed like the ups and downs of mental illness.  I enjoyed being a character in the book and loved the creativity of Crazy. 

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