Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Flag Grew Stars by Kitty Gogins

My Flag Grew Stars.  World War II Refugees' Journey to America by Kitty Gogins

Tibor and Olga are Hungarian citizens during World War II.  Tibor is conscripted into the German army as his family is fleeing the Russians.  Tibor's story of survival is amazing.  Olga is leaving Hungry with her family as well and emigrates to Austria.  Their paths cross after the war, where they meet and fall in love.  

This is a unique story of how Tibor and Olga met and emigrated to the United States after World War II.  Most stories that take place during World War II stop when the war ends.  This book, I found to unique because it really started at the final few months of the war and detailed the time spent in refugee camps as well as their indentured servitude.

Tibor and Olga are the author's parents and Kitty has taken their miraculous true story and turned it into a book and a legacy for everyone to enjoy.  This book is full of Hungarian culture and how this family is able to hold onto their traditions in the many countries that they live in.  This is one families story and it makes me think of all the amazing stories out there that have never been told or written down.  Thank you Kitty for writing this story down for all to enjoy and embrace.  I have learned so much.

If you were forced to leave your country and could only take one possession besides clothing, what would you take?

Have you ever thought of writing down your family's story?

Enter to win a copy of My Flag Grew Stars.  The contest ends June 30th at midnight.

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