Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen &Rebecca Guay

The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen &Rebecca Guay

The Last Dragon was thought to go extinct 200 years ago when the people on the islands of May made sure they would never terrorize them again.  Yet there is one egg left and when the conditions are right, it hatches.  The dragon has a big appetite and people have lost the wisdom necessary to effectively battle the dragon.  So a healer's daughter, with her inherited book of wisdom sets out to save the people and the children of the village go looking for a hero to help her.

The Last Dragon caught my eye while at the public library.  The artwork in this book is so beautiful that I knew I had to read it. The cover art is amazing and I was drawn to it.  I love the look of this woman with a book in her hand and a dragon breathing down her neck.  Rebecca Guay breathes life into this novel with her artwork.  It is just stunning to look at.  Seriously stunning.

I started reading graphic novels when my children started reading because my dyslexic kids were drawn to them for obvious reasons. Now I try to read as many graphic novels as I can a year.  I know I can always get my children, now teenagers, to read a good graphic novel and they are usually books I can share and discuss with them.

Do you read graphic novels?