Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Anya is a typical disgruntled teen who happens to be a Russian immigrant.  She is trying to forget who she is and meld into American young adulthood.  One day she skips school and literally falls into a deep dark hole in the ground.  At the bottom of the hole is a skeleton and attached to it is a ghost, who is soon to become Anya's ghost.

Anya is eventually rescued and her ghost hides in her purse, follows her to school, helps her pass exams and is trying to help her find a boyfriend.  Yet, there is a mystery to be solved, who is this girl whose skeleton is at the bottom of a well?  Was she murdered? 

 Anya's Ghost is full of dark humor and it's a little bit spooky.  Youngsters might get a chill as they quickly turn the pages.  They won't be able to resist reading this creative, creepy, comic book.  I couldn't resist and neither could my kids.  All three of us read Anya's Ghost in less than a week. 

Anya's Ghost is a graphic novel and the first book by Brosgol.  If this book is any indication, Brosgol is a going to have a long artistic career in comics.  The artwork is reminiscent of Persepolis, yet entirely unique.  The entire book is done is shades of black and white and muted purple.  It is visually appealing.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Or are you on some sort of hallucinatory methane?  Either way, Anya's Ghost will put some spice in your life.  You need to get this book into your purse!

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