Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Readathon Update and end of readathon meme

 Final Readathon Update and end of Readathon meme

1. Which hour was most daunting for you?

I think the hour that was the hardest was the one right before I went to bed between 3am and 4am.
2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?

Ellen Hopkins is an author whose books that are high interest and super compelling, quick reads.  They are young adult and definite page turners.
3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?
I would suggest having a page where people can put in the charity they are reading for so that others can sponsor them and/or check out the charity.
4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?
This is my first time participating in Dewey's 24 hour readathon.  So I guess I thought everything went pretty well.
5. How many books did you read?
Three and 1/4 books.
6. What were the names of the books you read?
I finished The Book of Unholy Mischief (about 78 pages)by Elle Newmark in the morning.
The Accidental King of Clark Street by Diane Dryden
The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams and
Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
7. Which book did you enjoy most?
Fallout, only because I have read the other two books in the series and it was the one I was most invested in finishing, which is why I saved it for the middle of the night.  I knew it would keep me awake.
8. Which did you enjoy least?
I enjoyed all of the books and my time spent doing what I love: Reading.
9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?
I really enjoyed cheering.  Can't think of any advice right now other than I really needed people cheering me on in the middle of the night and no one commented after midnight.
10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?
I will probably participate again as a reader and cheerleader.  It was fun but I am definitely exhausted.  I really liked reading for charity and wished more readers did this, it was very motivating for me.