Sunday, October 24, 2010


Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

Fallout is the heart-wrenching conclusion of Kristina Snow's addiction to meth and its effects on her family.  Told from the point of view of three of her five children, Hopkins dares to drag us where fiction rarely goes.  Hunter, Autumn and Summer's stories interweave in the book with an interpersonal look at the depth of how addiction has shaped their three lives.

Can Kristina's three children break the cycle of addiction or are they doomed to follow in their mother's footsteps?  Footsteps that will lead them to a life doomed with failed relationships, abuse, sex, drugs, arrests and illnesses.  Or will they be able to build a life that is different and learn from their mother's mistakes?  This book is a testament to the power drugs and addiction hold over the lives of our loved ones.
The first books in the trilogy are Crank and Glass.  All three of these books are based on the author's personal story of dealing with her daughter's addiction to meth.  These three amazing books have hit their mark in my personal life as well because many of my family members struggle with addictions of one type or another.  As a high school teacher, I see students every day who have been affected by drugs and are experimenting themselves.  I try to help but basically I am rendered powerless with my hands tied behind my back.  It is so frustrating.

This is the first time in my life where I actually went out and bought a book the week it came out and read it within the month.  Most of the time, I wait until a book reaches paperback before I buy it and then it lingers on my shelf awhile.  Fallout was an awesome reading experience and I am glad I didn't wait another few years to pick it up and read it.  Take my advice, read this trilogy!  Don't wait.

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