Monday, October 11, 2010

Contest: The Accidental King of Clark Street

Contest:  The Accidental King of Clark Street by Diane Dryden

Diane Dryden, Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight for the month of October has graciously chosen to give away 6 personalized copies of her first book: The Accidental King of Clark Street to Booksnob followers.

The contest is open internationally and until midnight (central time) on October 31st, 2010. 

Here is the information from the back of the book via Goodreads:

Life, for Leon McKee, was going nowhere. A widower at 50, he began walking the streets of Chicago to take up the lonely hours. Then, answering an ad in the newspaper for a night watchman in a Laundromat, he meets a woman who has accepted her dull life as what she expects to have at her age. But they are both wrong. Their lives and worlds are turned upside down as a series of events change them.and the neighborhood of Clark Street. The Accidental King of Clark Street proves that love can come the second time around. Or is it really the first time, as it blossoms and grows? The most unusual, poignant story of love and transformation you'll ever read! 

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