Friday, February 27, 2015

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

Joe Talbert is in college at the University of Minnesota and he has been just given a writing assignment that is going to change his life.  He has been assigned to write a biography of a complete stranger.  Fate leads him to a nursing home and nurses point him toward a resident who is dying of cancer.  The nurses don't really like this patient, because he is a convicted rapist and murderer who spent 30 years behind bars.

Throw in an autistic brother, a cute girl who lives next door and who won't make eye contact with you, an alcoholic bi-polar mother and you have a really big problem that is sure to keep you up late at night.

Carl Iverson's life is coming to an end and he needs a confessor. Someone who will listen to his side of the story.  In walks this kid, who wants to interview Carl about his life's story.  Carl isn't sure he can trust him with the truth but he is going to take a chance.  What the heck, at the very least this kid can learn a little bit about his experience as a Vietnam Vet and give him something to do during the day.  It will feel good to rid himself of the guilt that has been plaguing him all these years.

Allen Eskens has written a page turning mystery with characters you care about and who grab you and won't let go. The Life We Bury is the type of novel that everyone will enjoy, full of complex characters, a kickass storyline, with a little love and a lot of crazy thrown in.   This debut novel will grab you right from the first page. The Life We Bury is full of grit and guilt, twists and turns and I could not read it fast enough.

The Life We Bury has been nominated for a Edgar Allen Poe Award, the Minnesota Book Award, and the Rosebud Award.  So many awards, so little time.  I predict he wins all of them.  I also predict a movie.  The Life We Bury would make a great movie.

The Life We Bury has taken my school, South High School, by storm and word of mouth has everyone reading it.  So get with the program.