Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crater XV by Kevin Cannon

Crater XV by Kevin Cannon

Time for the space race.  Army Shanks is still depressed and grieving when decides to pack it all up and leave Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic for Antartica.  As Army is sailing away, the Siberians pirates arrive with a space rocket on their ship.  Then a cute little runaway named Wendy appears to fulfill her dream of going to outer space and Shanks gets sucked into the melodrama.  When he sees his childhood sweetheart from the orphanage and she doesn't remember him, he knows he must do whatever he can to save her.

Crater XV picks up right where Far Arden left off.  Cannon has created a lovable main character in Army Shanks.  He is a super hero, a savior of girls and women, a friend to the orphans, he risks life and limb to fight for what he believes in, he is like no other, and most importantly, he is fun to read about and follow on his misadventures.  You're in for a wild ride to the moon and back or at least to Crater XV and back.

A lot of Crater XV is based on the real race to space by the Soviets and the Americans.  Cannon's graphic novel called T-Minus: The Race to the Moon, inspired some of the plot of Crater XV.  I love a graphic novel that is not only fun and entertaining to read but one that also teaches me a little history and this one does both.  Canadians in the space race, who knew?

If you like graphic novels, you will love Crater XV.  Crater XV is well drawn, well written and it is enjoyable to read.  Cannon is an excellent cartoonist and well known for his detailed drawings.  The artwork in Crater XV is similar to Far Arden, and done in black and white with intricate detail.