Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Earth's Appetite by Margaret Hasse

Earth's Appetite. Poems by Margaret Hasse

I love poetry and have recently found myself in the mood to read it more often and even write it myself from time to time.  In October, I met Margaret Hasse and her publisher Mr. Nodin at the Twin Cities Book Festival, when they handed me a copy of Earth's Appetite to review.  Little did I know, that Earth's Appetite would draw me in and leave me hungry for more poetry.  So I joined a poetry challenge for 2014.

Earth's Appetite is full of words that connect to create a poetry palate full of imagery.  Poems in Earth's Appetite are showcased in three categories; Wayward, Household and Fortune.  In each category I found many poems to love.   Many of these poems celebrate the mundane of everyday life and make you think deeply about the tasks and treasures that invade our time.

My favorite poems include, Some of Fortune's Facts, Shouting from the Rooftop, Just Yesterday and Mason Jar of Odds and Ends (I think I have several of these in my home).  As I page through my book, re-reading poems, I find that I can relate to many of these poems and they bring forth many of my memories of my kids growing up, my own high school days, my grandma dying of cancer or my dog at home alone, wondering what he does all day.  Hasse writes about the stages of our lives with style and beauty.

Earth's Appetite is a wonderful book of poetry.