Monday, May 21, 2012

Connie Claire Szarke Guest Post + Giveaway

Connie Claire Szarke Guest Post + Giveaway

Hey Everyone,
May's Minnesota Author in the Spotlight, Connie Claire Szarke is here on Booksnob with a short guest post and a giveaway.  Connie is a former teacher, who taught French for 30 years in a Minnesota high school. Please welcome Connie everyone!

Thank you, Laura, for featuring Delicate Armor on your blog site for the month of May.  Booksnob is smart, attractive, well-designed, and offers much by way of literary connections.

It has been tremendously rewarding for me to see this novel take on a life of its own and venture out among readers. Response has been so very positive. At times, I feel like a parent holding her breath, then feeling proud of my characters, happy to see how well they are doing. When it was time for me to let them go, they just skipped out the door, waved big, and called out, “We’re on our way! Love you!”

Thank goodness, several of them have come back for a visit so I can include them in my second book, A Stone for Amer.

Please visit Connie’s website:

Thanks for the compliments Connie!
If you would like to win a copy of Delicate Armor by Connie Claire Szarke please click the provided link.