Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Paris is the city of love and lights and on the fateful day of July 16, 1942, it became a city of unspeakable horrors.  On July 16th, 1942, Jewish families were forcibly removed from their home by the French police.  The police came for Sarah's family in the middle of the night and Sarah made a decision that would affect generations. She locked her little brother in a cupboard in their bedroom and promised to release him when she got home.  The Jewish families were brought to the Velerdrome d'Hiver, to await transportation to a nearby camp and then many continued to Auschwitz. Sarah was not going home.

Fast forward to 2002, the 60th commemeration of the Jewish roundup.  Julia is assigned to write a news article about the roundup that most French people would rather forget.  As Julia begins investigating the past, she discovers a story that will change her life.  Sarah's story.

In this amazing duel storyline, every other chapter switches narrators from Sarah to Julia.  Half way through the book Sarah's narration ends as Julia tries to solve the mystery of what happened to Sarah.  Julia becomes consumed by Sarah's story and unraveling her husband's family secrets.

Sarah's Key is a compelling historical drama that had me riveted from the first page.  I was also consumed by Sarah's story and was hopeful for a positive outcome.  The personal tragedies that people suffer and overcome are a testament to the resilience of humanity.  Sarah's Key is haunting, compelling, emotional and mesmerizing.  I couldn't tear my eyes or my heart away from this remarkable novel.  Make sure you have a handful of tissue for the ending. 

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