Monday, March 28, 2011

The Butterfly Key

The Butterfly Key by Andrew D. Neudecker

Author, Andrew Neudecker, wrote this book for his wife who suffered a devastating miscarriage and as a result lost her faith in God.  One Christmas Eve, he weaves an intricate story about loss, love, forgiveness and faith.  Lucky for us, he wrote it down and it became the premise for The Butterfly Key.

The Butterfly Key is a heartfelt, heart wrenching book that will twist your emotions and make you cry.  It is a beautiful tale that connects every life and decision with divine providence.  The butterfly key is deeply hopeful and makes you rejoice in life and all of God's gifts.  If you have ever loved and lost someone, this book will touch your heart.

Christian and Abigail are in love and have grown up together, seeing each other frequently as their parents are best friends.  Christian never meets his mother as she dies after his birth.  Christian's father, Noah, raises him while he battles cancer to which he eventually succumbs.  Luckily Christian has a surrogate family, who keeps him safe in love and hope.  He marries his sweetheart and heads off to Iraq with his best friend on a army mission.  What happens next tests every character's faith.

My favorite character is the butterfly.  When Christian visits the graveyard he sees a monarch butterfly who plays a role in the story.  I really related to this because my grandpa told me that when he died he would visit me as a bird.  After he died, a blue jay would sit on my windowsill and peck my window.  After my grandma died, for a whole year, two blue jays would sit on my windowsill and look in my window at me.  I couldn't help but think my grandparents were visiting and telling me how happy they were.  I believe in miracles.  Do You?

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