Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Butterfly Key Contest

The Butterfly Key Contest

Hometown Track Minnesota Author in the Spotlight, Andrew Neudecker is giving away 3 personalized copies to Booksnob followers.  There will be one international winner and two winners from U.S./Canada.
The contest is open until March 31st at midnight.

Here is an excerpt of the book from GoodReads:

Nicole is a strong-willed, thirty-five year old wife and mother who is still trying to cope with her devastating loss. A year earlier she had suffered a miscarriage shortly before Christmas, and now, her once indelible faith in God has all but vanished. Concerned about his wife's distress, Nicole's husband decides he must gather his family around the Christmas tree and weave a story-a tragic tale of two families who are also struggling with God's baffling providence-in the hopes that Nicole can find forgiveness and understand that God has a plan in all He does, even the heartrending events in life. After finishing his allegory, Nicole's husband is still unsure if she can forgive God. That is until a mysterious gift containing something extraordinary is discovered under the Christmas tree that helps Nicole rediscover what she thought she had lost-her faith.

Andrew wrote this book for his wife.

Contest Ends March 31st at midnight.
Open Internationally.
Must Follow Booksnob.
Fill out contest entry form.

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