Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Blue by Lou Aronica

Colors represent emotions and illustrate how we feel.  The color of blue could represent illness, sadness, peace, tranquility or hope.   Polly, Chris and Becky are a happy family until Becky is diagnosed with cancer when she is around 5.  Becky and Chris, feeling blue, decide to create a alternate world called Tamarisk and tell each other stories about this place to take their mind off the cancer.  Polly and Chris's marriage falls apart as Becky recovers. 

The story of Blue has alternate story-lines that converge when Becky discovers that Tamarisk is real and in need of help.  Becky herself must face the greatest challenge of her teenaged life.  Tamarisk is a world of great imagination.  In Tamarisk the plants are blue and the unique animals interact with humans.  Life there seems simple, tranquil and full of melody.

This book touched my heart because and I could relate to having a child with cancer.  When my son was seven, he had 12 swollen lymph nodes in his neck and for three long, terrifying months, he endured weekly blood draws, medication and hospital visits.  We were lucky the biopsy came back negative but what we endured as a family during that scary time, I hope never happens again.  It was horrifying and I pray for every family out there that has a sick child for God to give them strength.

Blue is a story about being human and handling all the things that could go wrong in your life.  It is a story of resilience, imagination and courage.  This story brought tears to my eyes and my hope is that I will get to visit a land like Tamarisk someday. 

Blue reminded me of The Neverending Story, one of my favorite films.

I will leave you with my favorite quote from the book.

The whisperer stopped whispering.  Too much pain.  Too much repression.  It did not have enough resources to continue the story, though continuing the story mattered more to her than anything else. (Page 44)

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