Saturday, February 12, 2011

Author Elissa Elliott Guest Post

Hometown Track Minnesota Author in the Spotlight, Elissa Eliott Guest Post!

Hello, sweet readers,

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and we can gab for a while.  There.  Are you all comfy-cozy?

Let’s see…where to begin?

Have you ever wondered how Eve, who’s been both revered and scorned through the centuries, really lived her life, really lived with Adam?  Might she have been written by a scribe who saw her as inferior, as someone lower than her male counterpart?  Why has she shouldered the blame for eating the fruit when Adam was right there, gobbling it down with her?  Why do the texts indicate that she was made for Adam and not with Adam?  Even if you’ve never heard the original stories about her, trust me, you’ll catch up quickly.

I, for one, envision Eve as a woman with all the same passions we modern women experience.  It does not matter that we are separated by so many centuries.  Don’t you get a little irritated when you’re not understood?  When your significant other treats you as “less than?”  When your children’s love isn’t so enduring?  Don’t you experience some sort of sadness when your life isn’t turning out how you had originally intended?  I know I do.

Eve was the smart one.  She noticed the forbidden tree was beautiful.  She recognized that God named it The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  She began to inquire within herself.  Wasn’t knowledge a good thing?  Didn’t she want to know more?   Didn’t she want to become wise?

So she ate.  And when she and Adam were thrown out of the Garden with little explanation, she struggled, immensely, with her direction in life.  Where was God?  Why didn’t He speak to her?  And what was to be done with all her children, skittering from her skirts?  And why were she and Adam so distant from each other?

Eve is a love story of sorts—an earthy, gritty, human story of a woman who has a complex marriage, a troubled relationship with her daughters, and a son who murders the other.  Wow, can you imagine much more than that?  I can’t.  

Oh, I hope you enjoy Eve (although it’s not a requirement).  I think you’ll find much in the book that mirrors your own journey, for I’ve written it for the woman in all of us—the one longing to be free from mundane constraints.

Thanks for joining me.  I’d love to hear from you.  My new website will be launching on Monday, Feb. 21.  So, come on over to, and we can chat again.  In the meantime, have the loveliest of days, my dear reader.

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