Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day to Enter - Author of the Month Contest

Last Day to Enter - Author of the Month Contest

The author of Elvis and Olive, Stephanie Watson, is giving away 5 personalized copies to 5 winners.  To enter please click on the link below:  The last day to enter is today until midnight, central time.  This contest is open internationally.  Good Luck!

Elvis and Olive Contest

You can check out my review of the book here:

Elvis and Olive Book Review

You can read an interview with the author Stephanie Watson here:

Stephanie Watson author interview

Stephanie's second book is called Elvis and Olive Super Detectives.  She is currently working on a proposal for her third novel.  The excerpt below is from Good Reads.

Natalie and Annie decide to put their detective skills to use as they open the E & O Detective Agency to solve neighborhood mysteries. Together they stumble across an incredibly intriguing one when Mrs. Warsaw, their elderly neighbor with memory problems, begins spreading news about a woman named Zina Zeolite hiding in her bedroom closet. Mrs. Warsaw often speaks of seeing strange things so Natalie doesn't believe her. But Annie insists that they take the case. As the detectives start investigating, Natalie and Annie discover that Zina Zeolite is the name of the world's first female comic book superhero. But could Zina Zeolite also be a real person? And what does a superhero have to do with the ailing Mrs. Warsaw?

The girls must band together to help Natalie win her school election, solve this mystery, and stay friends.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting new author, Stephanie Watson, and learning about two great new books on the market.  Please support Stephanie and read her books.  You can also check out her website at www.stephanie-watson.com