Friday, November 26, 2010

Elvis and Olive

Elvis and Olive by Stephanie Watson

Natalie is a smart, conservative girl who always does what is right.  Annie is a energetic mixture of truth and fiction.  Annie has just moved into a house across the street and Natalie isn't sure how to handle this strange girl and her crazy ideas.  It seems highly unlikely the girls will become friends until Annie concocts a wild plan to become neighborhood spies.  Elvis and Olive are secret code names for two girls who are destined to become the best of friends in their search for adventure.

This book is a little like Pippi Longstocking meets Nancy Drew. Every 10 year old girl (including my daughter) is going to love the creative characters, the bike rides around the block, pink cowboy boots,  the secret meeting place under the porch, the creepy bug killing boy and his really cute brother.

Stephanie Watson has written a strong book series for girls.  There are currently two books in the series and I hope she continues, Elvis and Olive's adventures.  This book made me feel nostalgic for my younger years when I was carefree and running wild in the streets with my best girl friends.  Every night we played "kick the can" after supper and made up dances on the porch.  What did you do with your best friend from your younger years?

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