Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Crank by Ellen Hopkins

This book is as addictive as the drug it portrays. The author has done an excellent job of taking the reader on a drug induced journey with all its ups and downs. This is the best book I have read so far this year and yes, I was addicted to it. I read the book everywhere I went, in between classes, in the copy room, at stoplights and in the bathtub. I read all 537 pages in four days.

This young adult novel is written entirely in verse. Hopkins is an excellent writer and creative with her text. Some of the verses form pictures, like a pair of underwear, a cross or a heart. The poems on each page can be read as one or two separate poems with separate character voices for each.

The monster in this book is the drug crystal meth and the girl who becomes addicted to the substance is high school junior, Kristina Snow. The author modeled the main character after her own daughter who had a addiction. On a personal note, my sister was also addicted to this drug and so I could really relate to what the family members were going through. I also recognized the lure of the drug that took hold of my sister and wouldn't let her go until she received treatment.

My female high school students loved this book as well. When some girls saw the book on my desk, it was a constant prater about how good the book was and if I had read any other Ellen Hopkins books. They recommended the second book and even brought me the second book to read titled GLASS. I was overjoyed to see there is also a third book told from the point of view of Kristina's family coming out in September, 2010.

Frankly this book was so good, I think I will read every book Ellen Hopkins has written. I can hardly wait to get my hands on them.


  1. I loved the way the poetry in this book reflected the action. When she was crashing from a high, the format of the poetry made you feel that crash. Hopkins is a wonderful author--teens at my library love her.

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    Great blog and great review!

  2. I love Ellen Hopkins books. The third book in the Kristina Snow trilogy is out this September and I can hardly wait!!