Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons Winners!

The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons Giveaway Winners!

Heather Slomski along with her publisher, University of Iowa press is giving away three copies of her award winning book of short stories, The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons.
And the three lucky winners are ......

Holly from
Brittany from Georgia
Katie from Michigan

Congrats Ladies

I hope you love your new books!

Here is an excerpt from my book review of The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons:

Heather is a wonderful writer and she mesmerizes the reader with her beautiful imagery and prose.  Each story is unique and unpredictable and they leave the reader hungry for life and love and for more stories.  Many of the stories are grounded in reality and characters must face loss, grief or regret but some of the stories take you into a sphere you may not recognize, hidden somewhere in a different mental state or space where heartbreak lives.  Each story is addictive like food and wine.