Thursday, October 30, 2014

Star Bright, A Christmas Story by Alison McGhee

Star Bright.  A Christmas Story by Alison McGhee
Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

  All of Heaven is a flutter with the celebration of the Christ child's birth and everyone has a wonderful gift to share.  The newest angel wants to give a special gift too but she is not sure what, so she searches Heaven and Earth to find it.  She finds the perfect gift for all to enjoy.

Star Bright is a delightful, endearing children's book full of love and joy and the beauty of God's earth.  McGhee has written a wonderful story for the wee babes and preschoolers and for their parents and grandparents who are sure to love the meaningful text and beautiful illustrations.  

I adore the artwork in Star Bright.  The colors are vibrant with purples and blues and the paintings make me feel warm and loved.  I read this aloud to my teenagers, they loved it.  The story is timeless and everyone can relate to finding the perfect gift for the love of a baby who changes the world.

This is a huggable book and will be much loved by children everywhere.