Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two opportunities I'm excited about

Two opportunities I'm excited about.

I have two exciting opportunities to share with you.  If you love to read and write like I do, there are two classes that start in September for readers and writers and they are both FREE.  Yes!!

1.  Course Title: Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring Her Work & Writing Life

Missouri State University
Sep 22, 2014 to Dec 1, 2014
Cost per enrollment: Free

(This starts tomorrow!!)  You can join anytime.
I'm so excited for this class.  I am a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan.  I have read all of her books and have visited 5 of her houses.  I grew up watching Little House on the Praire and we have a lot in common.  First of all we are both named Laura, she was born in 1867 and I was born in 1967.  We both lived in Minnesota, both of us are teachers, writers, and mothers.  I am excited to be a participant in this class and learn more about Laura and her writing life.

If you want to enroll in the class, please visit this link:

2.  Course Title:  How Writers Write Fiction
Course Dates: Friday, Sep 26 to Friday, Nov 21

Provided by:
The International Writing Program
Iowa Writers
Instructor(s): Christopher Merrill, R. Clifton Spargo

Opening Lines, Opening Doors
Putting Setting to Work
Learning and Building the World
Animating the World
Structures and Storytelling
Constraints and Styles
Revision and Rediscovery

I love to write but never have enough time for it.  It is usually what I push to the side while I am busy doing other things.  Well, I am trying to give my writing a chance and so this will be my 3rd writing class of the year.  I am super excited for this class and can't wait to improve my craft.

If you would like to join me in this course please visit this link:

Let's Learn Together!