Monday, March 31, 2014

Far Arden by Kevin Cannon

Far Arden by Kevin Cannon

Far Arden is an island off the grid and missing from the world map and people are in a race to find it.  Its mythical, its tropical and it is somewhere in the Arctic circle.

Army Shanks, ex Royal Canadian Arctic Navy man, has the gumption and the will to find Far Arden but many obstacles stand in his way.  First he has to find his ship, help a orphan, fight a polar bear, (OK he doesn't fight the polar bear, someone else does), then he does battle with RCAN, meets a couple of weird college kids and so much more.

Far Arden is an adventure story, a graphic novel and 100 percent fun.  I loved all the clever plot twists and turns and how all the characters connect with each other in the end.  Far Arden is a page turning, karate kicking, stomach punching, thought provoking, kick ass graphic novel that will keep you guessing.  There are plenty of surprises thrown in that will make you laugh and pull your heart strings.

Far Arden is skillfully drawn in black and white with intricate detail.  Kevin is a well known cartoonist and cartographer and is artwork is drawn with heart and humor and will keep the reader coming back for more.

Oh, I just had an important thought here:  Army Shanks kinda of reminds me of an older and wiser Scott Pilgrim.  So Scott Pilgrim fans, this should be your next read.

Now I'm off to read the next installment of Army Shanks adventures and to see how he recovers from the ending of Far Arden.  Crater XV here I come!