Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shelter by Sarah Stonich

Shelter by Sarah Stonich
A short review.

Sarah's family once owned a nice piece of property in northern Minnesota.  Her father wanted her to have the cabin experience but leased the land.  After her father died, Sarah wanted to give her son a legacy, a piece of land on a lake to call their own and to continue to the family tradition of the cabin experience.  So she head up north to Ely, Minnesota, where her ancestors are from, to look for land.  She settled on a piece of land on a small lake with tall pines and rocky cliffs.

For almost every Minnesotan, it is a wish to have a cabin on a lake.  Sarah is able to make her dream come true with a lot of muscle and hard work.  Unfortunately the state has other plans and decides to build a public road right through the middle of it.

This is the first book I have read by Sarah Stonich and I wish I would have read her fiction first.  Sarah's fiction garners exceptional acclaim and I hear nothing but great things about her as a writer.  Shelter is interesting but probably not her best book.  Stonich's writing is picturesque as she evokes the beauty of the northern Minnesotan landscape perfectly.  The storyline is like a lazy day at the lake waiting for the fish to bite.

If you have a cabin, Shelter would be a good addition for your bookshelf.