Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mary Losure Guest Post + Giveaway

Mary Losure Guest Post + Giveaway

Mary Losure is the Minnesota Author in the Spotlight here on Book Snob during the wonderful month of August.  She has written a guest post on book trailers and blogs with some questions for readers and I hope you take a moment to reflect and comment.  Mary also talks about her next book!  Yay!  So without further adieu I would like to welcome Mary to BookSnob.  Please read on.

Mary's guest post.

Hello and thanks so much Laura for inviting me. 
 I love book bloggers! They’re interested in your work, they put your book covers on their blogs, they ask you thoughtful and interesting questions, and they publish the answers to the world.
So here’s to bloggers!

For my Guest Post, I’d like to do something I’ve never done before, and that’s to ask readers this question: What, that you have read online, makes you decide buy a book?
As a Reclusive Author (and there are legions of us) I hope the answer to that question is not “I buy a book because I feel I know the author personally because I’ve read so much about her/him on her blog.”  Because I don’t have a blog! In the Cyberworld, I’m sort of a recluse.
 As I think I mentioned.
So in my ideal world, people would read books because they’re interested in the people IN the books.  Like --just let us say hypothetically -- girls who take pictures of fairies and fool Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or a boy running wild in the forests of France in 1797.

Another question…Does a book trailer ever get you to buy a book? I mean, I’m just asking.  
I didn’t do a trailer for THE FAIRY RING but I’ve kind of thought about it. It would be fun. But it would also take a lot of time. 
 I did do one (well, actually, our son made it, from photos my husband took in France) about the wild boy.  I LOVE this trailer, and at last count it’sgotten more than 800 views on YouTube.  But I do wonder if any of those 800 people decided to buy WILD BOY on the strength of watching the trailer.
Do trailers actually work if you are not already famous? I think that’s a question lots of writers and publishers would like to know the answer to. What do you think?
Right now, instead of making a trailer for THE FAIRY RING, I’m working on a new book, also non-fiction, about a strange and troubled boy born in 1642 who grew up to be the world’s greatest alchemist.
Does anybody know who he is?  I’ll be happy to post the answer if anyone is curious.
I’d love to hear from you, whatever your thoughts.
Thanks for reading this.  
Best wishes, 
Mary Losure

Thanks Mary!!!
If you would like to win a copy of Mary Losure's latest book, Wild Boy, please enter here:  Wild Boy Giveaway