Sunday, May 19, 2013

M.R. Tain Guest Post + GIveaway

M.R. Tain Guest Post + GIveaway

M.R. Tain is the Minnesota Author in the Spotlight for the beautiful month of May here on Booksnob.  M.R. Tain has recently joined Goodreads, works a full time job, is in love with his wife and is busy writing books.  He is a personable, nice guy and his two books This isn't Normal and Peace, Man involve time travel.  M.R. Tain wrote a short guest post about what inspired him to write This Isn't Normal.  Read on.

Guest Post by M.R. Tain

I was inspired to write "This isn't Normal" by three things:  First, it was the stories our sons brought home from high school, and the contrast to my own high school experience.
 Second, the memories of my teenage brothers back when I was in grade school; the music they listened to and their activities.  Third, a picture of my mother in law at the age of 16.  For the first time, I saw the teenage girl that would become the 60 year old woman that was my mother in law.  The picture of the carefree sixteen year old girl showed me that we don't really know older people.

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