Monday, May 6, 2013

Daynight by Megan Thomason

Daynight by Megan Thomason Book Tour.

Kira joins a group called SCI to help her pay for college.  She plans to work on another planet for a year, return to earth and live her life.  Except people on SCI or Second Chance Institute have other ideas.  Kira has perfect DNT and they want her to stay forever, have babies and help their planet.

SCI is a strict planet where you don't question the rules.  Most choices are in the hands of The Ten who rule.  SCI is the exact polar opposite of Earth.  Where earth is water, SCI is land, and vice versa.  The are entrance and exit portals attached to earth.

Rules:  You must choose a life partner at age 18.  If you mate with someone before you are 18, they will be your life partner.

You must apply for a baby.  Babies are made in-vitro.  If you get pregnant without permission you are exiled.

Never talk to a second chancer about their past.  If you do, you will be exiled.

Exiled people are never allowed back inside Garden city.  SCI is a hard place to live and people live their "Day" at night when it is cooler and sleep during the day when it is hot outside.  It gets to be about 150 degrees during the day.  Most people only stay outside 20 minutes in sunlight otherwise it is to

You must read the book to learn the other rules because I'm not giving away all the secrets.

Daynight is a creative alternative world.  It contains a great love triangle and is entertaining and suspenseful.  I love being transported outside my realm of knowledge to new places that exist only between the pages of a book.  Thomason has created believable characters, sexual tension, fast moving plot and dangerous living conditions.

If you love YA and are a fan of dystopian fiction this is a book for you.  Daynight is full of adventure and plot twists and the fact that it is on a mirror planet similar to earth makes it all the more interesting.  Put this book on your radar.

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