Friday, March 29, 2013

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Gabe, the main character in Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, is a radio Dj.  I am going to write my review like one of Gabe's radio shows.

"Hello and welcome to the book review / radio show, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children.  My name is Laura but you can me Booksnob and I'm your host on this lovely night.  For you listening pleasure,  let's start with a hometown favorite of mine, Prince.  Get ready to dance like it's 1999"
The song plays.  

"Next up is a song by Madonna, the pop queen."  Madonna sings and we listeners get into the groove.
"OK fans, back on the air now.   A good friend of mine, John recommends that I tell my story and let listeners (I mean readers) get to know me.  Well instead of talking about myself, which I do so much of (inject sarcasm here), I am going to tell you about a radio show host, I admire whose name is Gabe.  Gabe recommends rocking your B side. What is a B side you say?  Well back when music came in vinyl record form, 45's had an A and a B side.  B sides weren't played much by radio dj's but sometimes they became big hits.  Since people come in a variety of shapes, sizes and personalities, it means we all have an A side and a B side.  By day, Gabe is really a female whose name is Liz (his A side), by night he is Gabe, the true self that he has to hide from most of the world( B side).  In honor of Gabe's B side, I am going to play one of his favorite musical artists, Elvis."  So get out your blue suede shoes.  

"Back to business, let's take a caller.  Caller, your on Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, what say you?  
Yeah so is Gabe a guy or a girl?  
Good question, caller.  Gabe is transgender, someone who doesn't fit in the body he was given.  He suffers at home because his parents want to keep their daughter and aren't sure how to handle Liz as she transitions to Gabe.  Now that he is out to the public, he is getting bullied and threatened.  Music means a lot to Gabe as well as his two best friends.  Let's play another song,  How bout' some Bob Marley to lighten the mood." 

"Welcome back folks.  As the review/radio show, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children comes to an end, I'd like to say thanks for listening and if you like what you've heard or read tonight please tell all your friends about Gabe and his story.  Gabe's story is for music lovers, book lovers and for people who respect differences and embrace all types of people.  Gabe's story also gives a voice to teens in the GLBTQ community who are bullied for wanting to live their life outside the bounds of a particular gender."

"Let's end our show with Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl.  Please sit back, relax, contemplate, listen, read and expand your horizons.  This is Booksnob, rocking her B side."