Sunday, February 24, 2013

Soul Catcher by Michael White

Soul Catcher by Michael White

I am going to write this review as a resume for the main character Augustus Cain.  A major theme of Soul Catcher is Cain's profession.

Augustus Cain
Home:  Virginia
Year:  1950

Objectives:  1.  To own his horse free and clear and pay off all his debts so he can head west and start his life over.  2.  To track and bring back runaway slaves Rosetta and Henry.  3.  To do this one last job and then quit being a soul catcher.

Qualifications and Skills:
Slave Tracking, hunting, shooting, long distance travel on horseback, excellent survival skills, has nine lives, been shot, stabbed, hit, punched, and left for dead.  Likes to read Milton, educated.

Professional Experience:
1.  Farmer:  Spent his years growing up on a farm in Virginia.  Was supposed to inherit his father's farm and marry the rich neighbor's daughter.  Ran away to join the war.
2.  Veteran of the Mexican American War.  Suffers an injury to his leg and still has a limp.  Lost the love of his life.
3.  Slave Catcher:  Incredible tracking skills.  Can find anyone who doesn't want to be found. Caught many slaves. Will travel far and wide.  Armed and dangerous.  Has a knack for getting out of sticky situations.
4.  Gambler:  Has a knack for winning at cards and a fondness for drink.

1. Rosetta, a runaway slave, falls in love with Cain.  Claims he is different than other Soul Catcher's.  She is unique and beautiful.  Cain returns her affections which may cost him his life.

2.  Cain's Mother, died young.  Raised him to think for himself.

3.  John Brown hates Soul Catcher's and despises the institution of southern slavery.  Hunts Cain down for stealing slaves from the North to bring back to their masters.  Is the only "real" historical person in the book.