Thursday, November 29, 2012

Down and Inside by Rebbecca Moen

Down and Inside:  The Mostly True Story of a Girl’s Life in the Minors By Rebbecca Moen

Batter Up!
During the 1990’s Sioux Falls joined the minor leagues with their new baseball team the Canaries.         Becky is a Minnesota girl fresh out of college and she lands a job working for the Canaries.  She is excited and feels like she is one lucky girl.  Young kids ask for her autograph, she gets to hang out with the baseball players and the owner relies on her.  Yet the downside is players get traded and people get mad at her and the hours are long and miserable.  Moen's story is a window into the minor leagues.

Rebbecca Moen sets up her book like a baseball game.  Top of First is where the game, I mean book begins.  Moen starts with a quote and stats from the St. Paul Saints (who are awesome) and the Sioux City Explorer's, championship game.  It is atmospheric and you can smell the hotdogs and hear the cheers from the stands.  If you love a good baseball game you will love this book.

Moen brings a much needed female perspective to the world of baseball.  It is kind of a insider's story to a sport that excludes women to this day.  Moen's life in the minor leagues is short but she gains experience and memories and shares them with her readers.  You will laugh, you will remember the baseball players from years past and you will wish it was Spring, so you could head out to a ballgame!

Strike one,
Strike two,
It's a homerun!!
The crowd roars.