Sunday, July 29, 2012

Running after Prefontaine by Scott Parker

Running after Prefontaine.  A Memoir by Scott Parker

Running has led Scott Parker on a adventure through life's ups and downs and around curves, through the woods and out into the bright sunlight.  Scott's memoir is not merely about running but it is a philosophical look at how running is a metaphor for life.  If you can run miles and struggle through the running race, you can apply that to life's challenges and push yourself to do anything you want.

Scott runs everywhere and pushes himself with minimal training (in some instance) to try marathons, as well as to run in off road trails into the woods.  He tells the reader about the perils of running, the injuries, and sometimes the defeat.  But just like life you need to get up everyday, get dressed, drink your coffee and lace up your tennis shoes and get out there and do it all over again.  "The running writer George Sheehan says, "I'm my own hero". pg. 116

You don't need to be a runner to enjoy this entertaining memoir.  I am not a runner, well I used to run until I got bursitis in my hip and so I no longer run but I have never been a runner, not competitively anyways.  I learned so much from this book especially who the running legend, Prefontaine is.   I could definitely relate Scott's philosophy to my own life and I could picture the joy he gets from running and transferred it to the joy I feel being outside, hiking or backpacking.

Scott has a creative writing style which is invigorating.  I love the changed of styles in Running for Prefontaine and frankly it is the perfect book to read before, during and after the Olympics.