Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Day to Vote!

Independent Book Blogger Awards
Vote for this blog for the Independent Book Blogger Awards!

Hey Everyone,
Today is the LAST day to vote for the Independent Book Blogger Award on Goodreads.

Voting ends today at midnight for the Independent Book Blogger Awards on Goodreads.  The winners in each category win a trip to New York City for Book Expo conference.  I have never attended this conference and would love to go for the first time.  It would be a dream come true. 

I am asking you to vote for Booksnob in the fiction category.  Just click the Vote button above and it will take you there.  Otherwise you can go to and vote that way.  Oh and tell all your friends and family.  I need LOTS of votes.

Thanks so much.  Sending you a big hug for doing this.
Leave a comment and let me know you voted.