Monday, April 16, 2012

Feed by M.T. Anderson

Feed by M.T. Anderson

Hi, my name is Titus and I am a teenager who has a feed in my brain.  I can't live without my feed, it provides me with everything I need, like music, shopping, advertising and messaging.  I don't need to think, talk, read or write because my feed does it all for me.  Like, it is the best thing ever invented.  You seriously need to get one.

I went to the moon for Spring Break and met this awesome girl named Violet.  We went dancing one night and then got hacked from some crazy man.  Our feeds were interrupted and we had to go to the hospital.  It was so unbelievably boring.  Like, we had nothing to do.  We couldn't connect to the feed, it was like total torture for me.

When we got home from the moon, Violet started acting weird.  I mean, I really like her, Unit, but something is not quite right about her.   She got her feed when she was seven, when the everyone I know, got it when we were babies.  And then, we started to get all these like weird lesions on our body.  The world is going off kilter.  Well, I am not going to worry about it because I got my feed and it doesn't let me worry too much.  Oh, Unit, I really like that shirt.  Ordering that up right now.

Hi, my name is Laura (Booksnob) and I just finished reading Feed over my Spring Break.  I wish I was able to travel to the moon like Titus but I stayed home instead.  I can't stop thinking about this book.  It is like Feed is literally stuck in my head and everywhere I look I see people connecting to their hand held devices, their personal feeds.  The characters are not particularly likeable, except for Violet, and the futuristic teen speak is frustrating at times but Feed gets under your skin and into your brain and makes you think. That's right, you have to think while you are reading this book.

Feed takes place in a future not far away from our present reality and that is what makes it so relevant.  Feed tackles important issues like consumerism, environmentalism, beauty, mind control and so much more.  It is a amazing book that will grip you by the throat and leave you gasping.  When you finish, take a look around the world and challenge yourself to find the feed.  It won't take long and you will see the world differently.  The feed is everywhere. 

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