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Waterfall Wednesdays Read-Along

Waterfall Wednesdays Read-Along Week #2

Pages read:  100-190
Chapters read:  7-11

Here are the discussion questions and my answers for the read-along.  This week's questions are provided by:  Missie at
The Unread Reader.

Discussion Questions for Chapters 7-11
  1. Gabi's search for her sister is made increasingly difficult by the fight for territory between Castello Forelli and Castello Paratore. At this point, do you think the rivalry is warranted? Why or why not?  Like any feud that has been happening for more years than people can remember, the rivalry between the two families probably started for a good reason (a fight over a woman) and then cascaded into a fight revolving around territory, loyalty and pride.  Land was very important to Europeans as it represented wealth and prestige and so yes the battle is warranted to the Forelli's and the Paratore's but to me, I say it is time to make a peace treaty.
  2. Gabi aids Fortino by having his sickroom cleaned out and using steam to loosen the phlegm inside his lungs so he could breathe better. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that required you to rely on home remedies to aid yourself or another? What are some of your favorite home remedies? I love home remedies and in fact I am the home remedy vitamin queen of my house.  One of my favorite home remedies, I got from living with my grandma.  When I have a cold so bad when all I crave is sleep and it will not come, I make a cup of hot tea, pour in a shot of brandy, some honey, add some lemon juice and then inhale the fumes as I swallow.  I always sleep good and feel better in the morning.  I always make a homemade pot of chicken soup when sick and eat it for the whole week.  I also boil water on the stove if anyone is congested, burn peppermint, eucalyptus candles in house to help keep away germs and heal the house from contagions.  These are just a few. 
  3. Marcello and his men don't hide their surprise when they learn that Gabi is skilled with a sword. What did you think of this development? Has your initial impression of Gabi changed? Do you have any secret skills?  I thought this part was cool but I also know that women are for the most part weaker than men and I thought Gabi should have realized that sooner.  When it comes to fighting or strength women will always be at a disadvantage when fighting a man whether you can wield a sword or not.  I do agree with Gabi that I would feel safer with a sword by my side if I were trained to use it.   I don't think my initial impression of Gabi changed, I still like her.  I don't think I have a secret skill but I took a fencing class and loved it.  As a lefty, I learned that people who are left handed frequently win a match because right handed competitors rarely face them.
  4. "Our lips were so close, I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin." Gabi and Marcello's feelings for one another are beginning to stir. What do you think of Marcello as a romantic interest thus far? What do you think of his intended?  My opinion of Marcello's intended, Lady Rossi has changed greatly but I am still wary of her and I can see Marcello and Lady Rossi have a fondness for each other.   Regarding Marcello and Gabi,  I want them to kiss and have a chance at love but I think Gabi is right to keep her distance and not cause the downfall of Siena and their outposts by stealing away with Marcello in the heat of the moment.
  5. Marcello and Luca take turns teaching Gabi the dances of Toscana. Would you have liked to attend a ball like the one Gabi was practicing for? Do you like to dance? Do you know any cool dance moves? Extra (not really) points if you YouTube yourself dancing and share the video. Come on, it will be fun!   I would love to attend a ball and learn the dances from Vienna, France, England and Italy.  I love to dance and spend a lot of time dancing in my kitchen with the broom while I am cleaning.  I also have an xbox 360 Kinect and spend some of my weekend time working out to Dance Central and perfecting my dance moves (not!).  I feel deprived because I never  had dance lessons as a child and yet dancing is one of my favorite things to do.  I am definitely not going to make a YouTube video, my students would use it for blackmail.

I have included a picture of Piazza Del Campo in Siena, Italy where part of Waterfall takes place.  It is so beautiful.  I want to visit Italy soon and hope that I can make a stop here.  What a beautiful medieval town.

My goal for next week is to actually post this on Wednesday. As a teacher and parent it is hard for me to get everything done that I want to do in a day, but I'm trying.  So next week we are reading chapters 12-17 and it is hosted by Joy and Serena at Edgy Inspirational Romance.

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