Friday, September 16, 2011

The Middle Passage by Tom Feelings

The Middle Passage.  White Ships, Black Cargo by Tom Feelings

Note:  I have decided to start reviewing children's books now and again.  Some children's books are actually meant for adults or mature readers and can be used in a high school classroom.  I find that children's books are a way to gain specific knowledge quickly and the artwork tends to be well done and aesthetically gratifying. Frankly, I love art and pictures in my books, in fact I wish authors would include them in their novels more often.  Children's books bring out the child in all of us. 

The Middle Passage is an amazing book without words.   It tells the story of the journey and perilous capture of slaves in Africa and their horrifying voyage on the ocean during their passage to the Americas.   The entire book is done with expressive black and white artwork. 

It took the author, Tom Feelings, 20 years to complete the art and storyboard for this stunning book.  The Middle Passage is a book without words that communicates volumes of emotions to the reader.  It captures the voice of the African American past and the scar it left on the history of its people.  The Middle Passage speaks right to your heart and the images are unforgettable. 

The Middle Passage teaches us the strength of the African people and their will to survive amidst awful brutality and tragedy.  This book will endure for decades as it teaches future generations the importance of their past and moves a nation to understand its mistakes. 

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