Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John Reimringer Guest Post and Giveaway

John Reimringer guest post
Capturing Lightning
One of the most common questions any writer is asked is “How do you do it? When and how much do you write?” Essentially, how do you get lightning to strike?
            My wife (the poet Katrina Vandenberg) and I believe in writing every day, at least a little. Even 15 minutes or a half hour of writing first thing in the morning before you go on to other things gives your mind something to chew on for the rest of the day. When you return to your writing the next morning, you’re often surprised to find that you’ve got more ideas than when you left it the day before.
            In order to encourage this habit, we reward ourselves with stars. That’s right. I use the same little foil stars Sister Mary Cornelius used to stick on the covers of our catechism books in first grade to reward us for getting answers right. Nowadays, I get a star for every hour I write. Sister Mary Cornelius would be proud of my diligence, though perhaps not so happy with some of my subject matter.
            So, the answer is: writers don’t sit around waiting for the lightning of inspiration to strike before they go to their desk and write. They spend time at their desk (or in a coffeeshop with their laptop, or writing longhand in the library) every day. Sometimes lightning strikes. Sometimes it doesn’t. But, like the photographer who took the photo on my writing calendar, writers have to be already working and ready if they’re going to capture lightning on the page. 

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